North Port vs. Brayden River JV Basketball

Ava Maggio

   At North Port High on Friday December 3rd at 6:00 pm the boy’s Junior Varsity basketball team played Braden River High School. North Port’s Junior Varsity starting lineup consisted of, Omar Branch Jr (#4), Isaiah Gabriel (#24), Trey Freeman (#5), Andrew Vargas (#2), and Aiden Thompson (#10). Vargas scored the first points for the Bobcats and they kept the lead thru throughout the game. Thompson attempts a dunk on Braden River but ends up short. 

Braden River’s number 4 was no match to the Bobcats #0 (Marcus Louis) who hit a 3 pointer during the 2nd half. Vadim (#20) makes a 3 pointer. North port gets two technical fouls one on Vargas (#2) and the other on Freeman (#5). Vargas gets subbed out for taunting a player, Freeman put his hands on a player because he got elbowed in the eye by another player on Braden River. 

The Bobcats dominated Braden River the entire game. Vargas had 20 points, Branch Jr added 10 points, Gabriel added 10, Smith and Young both scored 2 points and Evan Burger (#22) contributed 9 points for the victorious win against The Pirates. This win leaves the Bobcats with a 3-0 record for the season.