Crypto Club

Staff Advisor: Mr. Blecke

Location: 7-206

Time: After school

Days: Every other Thursday


The New World of Crypto Club! 

By: Leny Ocasio 

A brand-new club at North Port High School opened up today January 13, 2022. Mr. Blecke is the staff advisor, and the club meets in his room 7-206. The club meets every other Thursday from 2:30pm to 3:30pm.   

Potential club members must grab a permission slip to join the club. The members are introduced to bitcoin who founded Crypto currency. Crypto is an online currency that teaches people how to spend money. The website is what they use to learn about Crypto. The club is very informative on how to invest in companies. 

The club also gives geographical knowledge of countries who accept Crypto. El Salvador has declared Crypto as its main source of money.  

According to Mr. Blecke “Currently 40% of US dollars in existence were printed in the last 12 months.” 

All of which is raising interest in the United States to invest in Bitcoin. Bitcoin is also tax free. The government cannot control Crypto currency. Sending money to another country through Walmart may be difficult, but Bitcoin has made it easier all due to a digital wallet. It is a big deal for immigration due to Bitcoin. Crypto currency goes from digital money to any type of currency. Bitcoin currency is recorded through every computer, so it cannot be hacked. There are three layers of a blockchain for Crypto Currency. It is all about gambling. Layer 3 is more of a big deal when compared to Layer 1. Layer 3 is all apps like Gods Unleashed, and Chain Guardians. There are seven pro athletes being paid in Crypto. Aaron Rogers from the Greenville Packers is just an example.  

The club members are extremely welcoming and kind. Many of them voiced their opinion regarding the club.  

Sophomore Ava Jade Broschart shared her opinion below: 

What is Crypto Club all about? 

“Learning how to make money.” 

Why did you join the club? 

“I do not know what it is and that is what sparked my interest!” 


Freshman Ayla Ledoux has shared her opinion below: 

Why are you apart of this club? 

“To learn about Crypto currency, and for my college resume.” 

What is Crypto? 

“A new type of online currency!” 


Freshman Katlyn Loboda expresses a similar interest in Crypto as well. 

What is Crypto Club all about? 

“The club is designed to teach us about online currency.” 

Why did you join the club? 

“To learn about Crypto and how to make good financial decisions. 

What is Crypto? 

“A type of currency?” 





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