After-School Study Hall

Kody Hendrix

At North Port High School, many students struggle to find time to finish work- Be it distractions at home, or a lack of access to the internet, the homework burden can become overbearing for many. However, the school has a solution in the form of a tutoring program. The program runs from 2:30 to 4:30 in the school’s library and has a different topic each day for students to get tutored on.

On the 13th of December, the topic was mathematics. After a log-in process requiring a name and student id number, students gathered in the library, mostly in the computer area, and did math homework. Most of the tutors were students, as well as a few teachers who helped coach those who needed it. There also seemed to be another downstairs area, perhaps a computer lab, but I was not able to access it during my time there.

The program is held every other day- Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It is open to any NPHS student if they have a student N number and a name. There was no sign-out process, just a sign-in. Students could leave at any time during the study hall, but 4:30 was the latest time to stay. There was no provided transportation afterwards, and students were provided nothing more than a place to work and assistance if needed. There was very little moderation present, but teachers were still there to monitor activity.