Festive After-School Tutoring Environment!

Amber Turner

At NPHS during the week of, December 15th, 2021, the Media Center is decked out with halls of jolly to spread the Christmas Spirit while students soak up knowledge from their peers. Tutoring is everyday Monday-Friday, though schedule may vary depending on what subject you need help in. Everyday a tutor should be able to accommodate a student’s needs, but specific days are made for tutors who excel in that area. Check The NPHS News and website to find out which days are better for a certain subject. Whether its Math, English, Science, or a Language, NPHS student tutors have your back and are ready to help. 10th grade student tutor, Sarah Quackenbush, is on the prowl to help her fellow bobcats succeed. “I think I just realized I was helping a lot of my friends out with homework, so I wanted to get community service hours for it.” The media is open 2:30pm-5pm which is when the bus is scheduled to come for people who need transportation back to their neighborhoods/homes. Sarah attends the media after school to help with her peers’ studies Wednesday and Thursday. “Sometimes it is hard to maintain homework and tutor at the same time, I mean I come twice a weak so it’s sometimes hard because you just want to come home and relax.” She says, “I actually enjoy helping people and then getting the gratitude from it.” Sarah’s friend, Skye Saltzman comes on the same days she doses to get help with her math homework. “I advise others to go to tutoring because it’s a safe place to be quiet around your friends and to get help from others.” 12th grade tutors like Charlotte Gillis and Sydney Carol deserve immense recognition as they continue to help others between their intense final months of senior year. Charlotte says, “ I wanted to help others who are struggling academically while getting community service hours and I wanted to inspire them not to just give up if their struggling with a subject” Sydney Carroll adds on, “I chose to be a tutor so that I can help the people around me and help them succeed a well.” Help is out there for student’s 9th through 12th students of NPHS who just need someone to confine in about their studies, or even possibly a friend. No matter how hard you are struggling, your fellow bobcats are here to support you, and are determined to get your GPA up.