Girls JV Basketball 12/14

Genevieve Devries

Girls JV Basket ball dec 14th 

Basketball involves two teams of 5 players each trying to shoot the ball into the hoop. Two points are awarded for a basket and the ball is given to the other team. If a basket is made outside the three-point arc, the basket is worth 3 points. When a foul is committed against the player shooting, they are rewarded two or three free throws, one point of basket is made.  Player positions include center, forward, and guard and all have offense and defense.  

On December 14th, North Port high school’s girls JV basketball team went against the Sarasota sailors. The game started strong as the bobcats got the ball. Then Sarasota intercepts and scores two points. North port then hits the ball out of bounds causing it to be given to Sarasota. North port quickly recovers and scores with a lay up bringing the score to 2-2. Sarasota counteracts with a lay up of their own leaving the score at 4-2. Sarasota changed out a player who ended up scoring with 46 seconds left in the first quarter. Sarasota then takes a time out with 2.65 seconds left. The quarter ends with a score of 6-2.  

The cheerleader came onto the court and performed a cheer. When the game began again, the Bobcats started with the ball. Sarasota was rewarded free throws and made 1 leaving the score at 7-2. About 2 minutes later bobcats scores a three-pointer bringing the score to 7-5. However, they then fouled a shooter for the other team resulting in Sarasota gaining a point in a free throw. The score is 8-5. Sarasota then makes a layup and back-to-back free throws, earning them 4 points with a score of 14-5. The Bobcats then take a time out. A foul is committed against the bobcats and they are awarded free throws. They make two of them bringing the score to 14-7. Sarasota counteracts with a layup bringing their score to 16. Bobcats then get another free throw leaving the score at 16-8. Around a minute later Sarasota also scores a free throw bringing the score to 17-8. Sarasota then scores a basket increasing their score to 19. Then, back-to-back, Sarasota scores a free throw, 1 point, and a layup, 2 points, bringing the score to 22-8. The North Port Bobcats offset with 2 free throws bringing their score to 10. After a couple more minutes Sarasota steals the ball and score with 6 second left, then get a free throw bringing the score to 25-10. The game ends with Sarasota winning with a score of 25 and Bobcats with a score of 10. 

I look forward to watching more of the games as all of the girls seemed to have a passion for the sport. They all worked together and seemed to listen to each other. Even if one made a mistake they would still support each other and you could tell they had a good connection with each other which made the game enjoyable to watch. I wish the girls the best in their upcoming games.