Varsity Boys Basketball 12/16

Ava Maggio

On December 16th, 2021, North Port High school’s varsity boys’ basketball team played Venice high school at North Port. Number 12 on Venice makes the first point of the game, starting the game off strong. Senior Maxx Huml (#0) gets the ball and passes too Elijah Lubsev (#21) on North Port scoring the first point for North Port. Maxx Huml (#0) passes the ball to senior Joey Rivera (#22) and makes a point for North Port. On Venice number 12 passes the ball to number 0 he tries to shoot the ball but misses number 5 rebounds and makes the point for Venice. The final score for the 1st period was Venice 21 and North port 9. 

Second period starts with North Port player Joey Rivera (#22) throwing the ball in the game, senior Gabriel Burger (#5) for North Port makes a layup scoring multiple points for North Port. Number 10 on Venice tries to shoot the ball but instead airballs, Junior James King (#2) makes another layup for North Port. Joey Rivera (#22) makes a point with only 1 minute and 35 seconds left on the clock for 2nd period, second period ends with Venice 27 and North Port 24.  

Venice player number 12 starts off the 3rd period by throwing the ball to number 22 on Venice, then North Port player Joey Rivera (#22) steals the ball from number 22 on Venice and passes it to sophomore Jackson Kinker (#3). North Port player James King (#2) gets ahold of the ball and passes too Gabriel Burger (#5) he attempts to shoot the ball but misses. Score is North Port 37 and Venice 31 with 1 minute and 38 seconds left of the 3rd period, number 12 for Venice attempts to make a buzzer shot but misses, leaving the final score for 3rd period being North Port 37 and Venice 31. North Port player Elijah Lubsev (#21) throws too Maxx Huml (#0) starting off the 4th period. Venice makes a shot, making the teams tied with the score of 37-37 with 5 minutes left of the game. With 1:11 left on the clock for 4th period Venice is up 10 points with the score as Venice 47 and North Port 37. The 4th period ends with Venice taking the win with the score as 49 Venice and 39 North Port.