Apply for FAFSA Now!


Leny Ocasio

Students in the student success center are trying their best to stay on track for their future!

Genevieve Devries, Editor

Make sure to have your parents’ income information available and if you work then your income as well. Direct yourself to create your FSA ID and ask your parents to create their own. The site will ask you for your social security information so please have it available. The website is easy to use, and you can ask Ms. Nicole or Ms. Thiel in the student success center for help!  

Students also interested in completing their Bright Futures applications must meet their testing requirements, their 100 hours of community service, and/or their AICE Diploma. The website will ask you for your social security information, and it can be completed within 30 minutes. Both applications are free to apply to.  

Interview with Mrs. Thiel in the Student Success Center: 

What do you do for your job? 

“Mrs. Thiel College Career Advisor – College Career Advisor at the Student Success Center location at North Port High School (NPHS). Ensures that all graduates from NPHS pursue a pathway of purpose in college, career, military and/or life after high school. 

Ms. Jordan – College Career Coordinator – Provides support for effective operations of the Student Success Center with interest in the post-secondary planning and success of NPHS Students.” 

Does every student need to fill out FAFSA? 

“Yes, all students should complete the FAFSA.  It’s an indicator of what scholarships students should be applying for.  Merit, Need-based or both.  Also did you know that if you qualify for the full FAFSA aka Pell Grant it provides plenty of student aid to take classes affordably at local community/state colleges. “ 

What is something students should know about college? 

Mrs. Thiel – “The Financial Aid office at your college or university of choice will be your best friend, be sure to know where its located” 

Mrs. Jordan – “Just Do it” 


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