17 February Announcements

Good morning Bobcats! Today is Thursday February 17, 2022.  


Job Fair, February 23!


It’s Random Acts of Kindness Week!


Friday is the Senior Panoramic photo during first period. Seniors will check in for attendance and then report to the gym for the photo. Target start time: 7:45. Seniors who are attending the Embracing Our Differences field trip MAY still come to the photo. 


Thursday afternoon will be the first meeting of the Filmmaking club in 8-204, True Colors GSA in 7-209, as well as K-Pop club in 5-101. 

Filmmaking club Thursday  8-204 

True Colors GSA Thursday 7-209  

K-Pop club Thursday 5-101  

As always, on Fridays you can find FCA in the TEL Studio during lunches. 

FCA Friday during all lunches in TEL Studio.  


UPDATED LINK!!!! Attention all VPA Seniors. Our 2022 Senior VPA Showcase will be held on March 23rd with a dress rehearsal on March 22nd. If you are interested in applying to display your work or perform, please use the link posted here and submit your application before February 28th. If you should have any questions, please feel free to stop by Mrs. Slays classroom 1-210 or send her an email. 

VPA SENIORS! 2022 VPA showcase March 23rd / Dress Rehearsal March 22nd 

Use Link below before February 28th if interested in displaying/performing your work. 

If you have questions, see or email Mrs. Slay, room 1-210.  


Thinking about your classes for next year? Check out these opportunities:

 Any student interested in joining Theatre Arts VPA, please see Ms. Henderson for an application and audition times and information.  Applications are due by February 25th 

Interested in Theatre VPA? 

See Mrs. Henderson in PAC for applications (due Feb.25th) and auditions times.  

Juniors, you have to take Government and Economics next year, why not earn college credits taking AP US Government & Macroeconomics?  The Advanced Placement Program (AP) offers students the opportunity to take college-level courses and exams in high school and earn college credit. Taking AP helps students prepare for college and stand out in the admissions process. Completing the course and exam shows perseverance to tackle/complete college-level work.Exposure to advanced coursework increases graduation and college-going rates. Research shows that students who take AP courses and exams have better college outcomes than their peers who don’t take AP. The latest findings also indicate the value of scores beyond earning college credit.   By earning college credit in high school and skipping introductory courses in college, you save time and money as you focus on your college major.   

Half of the students entering four-year colleges are now starting school with some credit from AP courses. This is your opportunity to ensure you have the advantage. 

Trying to figure out which elective you should take next year? Look no further! You will experience writing in a non FSA format where you are free to write while listening to music, and writing about objects, looking at nature to name a few. In the first quarter, we participate in NPR’s This I Believe Essay activity. We create a safe classroom culture or discussion is the norm and it is positive.  In quarter two, we use Cat in the Hat to take a look at characterization. Also, we analyze Kate Chopin’s Story of an Hour and watch a few student clips to compare the versions. The rest of the time is spent on a creative writing project of your choice! There is no homework. We do it all in class! If you don’t like to write/ type, I have found ways to include technology into all of the assignments. In short, even if you don’t like to write, this elective is for you! 

Interested in Creative Writing? This class focuses on writing in a non-FSA format and includes all interests. It is in a relaxed environment where you will be free to listen to music and there is no homework! Over the year you will analyze NPR’s I believe essay, Cat in the Hat, and Story of an Hour.  

Juniors and Seniors! Are you looking for an interesting and insightful class to take? AICE Psychology may be the class for you! The class focuses on Psychological Research studies that help with the understanding of human and animal behavior. The class is not only for AICE students, its for everyone! But, if you are working towards your AICE diploma, AICE Psychology is one of only two classes that can be counted as a science or humanities credit. If you want to learn all about human behavior, AICE Psychology is the elective for you! 

Community of Unity photo contest ends soon, check it out!