AICE Community Day Amongst All the Grades!

Anna Aviles, Editor

AICE Community Day was held for juniors during 7th period. The meeting was held by Dr. Little for AICE diploma seeking students only. This meeting was held to inform students about upcoming events as well as to recognize students for their achievements. 

The meeting began at 12:32 and ended at 1:20 pm. Dr. Little opened the meeting by first discussing upcoming exam schedules and the AICE Examination Signature Request Form. This is a necessary document that all AICE students need to have as it outlines AICE exams that they will be taking, time of the examination, student candidate number, and more. It is necessary that the information on these documents is correct for Cambridge reference. These papers will be handed out to students by their English teacher. Additionally, Dr. Little mentioned AICE exams which may interfere with others. This applies to students who have two exams at the same time (AM session) or 3 exams on the same day. It is scheduled to take these two exams and there will be a reasonable break between the two before the second exam begins. Furthermore, Dr. Little reminded students of AICE mock exams that will be taking place to help prepare for upcoming exams.  

After Dr. Little discussed exam information, awards were given to students for their excellence in last year’s AICE exams. These awards were given to students who took at least 3 AICE exams and received high marks on each. Awards were separated into 3 categories: standard, merit, and distinction. The top 3 students who received top distinction awards were Amelia Harvey, Travis Colvin, and Sabrina Schmitt. A group photo was taken with these students and frozen yoghurt was given to all students who received awards from Cambridge to congratulate them for their hard work. Student awards were also given to a small number of students who were nominated by AICE teachers for their excellence in class. 

Dr. Little then proceeded to discuss AICE spirit night opportunities in order to fund money for the AICE graduating class of 2023. This money would go towards the senior AICE banquet for graduating 2023 AICE students, as it is hoped that all students attend for free. Dr. Little gave a tease of what this year’s AICE banquet would be serving, including the Italian buffet menu and the AICE student welcoming PowerPoint. AICE spirit nights include Thursday, March 10th at Chick-fil-a; Tuesday, March 15th at Bocca Lupo; and Friday, March 25th at Il Primo. Going to these restaurants and mentioning that you are there for the AICE program at NPHS will allow your purchase to be credited to the fundraiser and benefit the AICE Program.  Additionally, Dr Little mentioned that these Spirit Nights would be an opportunity for students to acquire volunteer hours by attending these events and representing the program. 

After discussing the spirit night events, the AICE meeting was dismissed. Dr. Little plans to hold more AICE community days, at least 2 per quarter, in order to recognize hardworking AICE students and to provide helpful information for upcoming events. For any questions about AICE exams or scheduling for next year, contact Dr. Little through email at [email protected] or talk to your AICE English teacher. For more information about the AICE program including testing schedules, visit the NPHS AICE website at