How to Draft a Great Essay!

In North Port High School, the students must write a lot of essays in preparation for the end of the school testing in which they have to draft essays. Some steps that can help you draft a good essay are, one writing less, writing less is always better than writing more because the teachers care more about what you are saying than how much you are saying in your essay. As well as writing less evidence and details to support your reasons because the teachers can find out what you are trying to say just by your reasons, so you do not need evidence and details to support your reasoning.

Teachers also love it when students write about their own opinion and get off topic. When your writing include your opinion about the subject, even go against the subject and go off topic about something else that has nothing to do with what you are writing about. Be sure to also not use punctuation and to not edit your spelling when you are done with your essay because it is a waste of time and there is no use to making sure your words are spelled correctly, and that you have periods at the end of every sentence.

After you are done drafting your essay you can even wait a couple of days after the due date to make sure nothing bad happens. Then turn in your final product after the due date, because you know who does not like taking precautions? So next time you need to draft an essay for English class be sure to follow these steps, so you can get a good grade on it, for sure! 

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