Five Ways to Stay Healthy

  1. The first step in living a healthy lifestyle starts with you bringing salad and a bag of chips. In doing so, you will place the salad right in front of your nose while eating the chips. Make sure not to take your eyes off the salad to make your brain into thinking your health.  
  2. While lifting weights make sure to bring a marker so that when you lift a 5-pound dumbbell adding a 0, using a marker, to it will make everyone think you are lifting 50-pounds instead of 5.  
  3. Hydration is especially important in the health world, but sometimes water can be expensive. To save some money you will need to go to the nearest fountain. Bring a water bottle to fill with water. Boom! Now you have free bottled water.  
  4. Washing hands is a must-have, but sometimes hand sanitizer is not around. So, a way to prevent bacteria is to come up to someone, ask for a quick hug then wipe your hands off their coat. Make sure it is around a group of people so no one will ever know it was you. 
  5. Lastly, it is to get a good night’s sleep but sometimes you have work to do. So, to solve this problem you will need an eyepatch. Place an eyepatch on one of your eyes, doing so half of your body will be sleeping while the other will be working. After an hour or so switch the eyepatch to the other eye so the other half can sleep.  

Doing these healthy steps will give you a beautiful, glowy, and long-lasting life. 

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