NPHS football field being constructed into a Bobcat habitat

North Port High School has recently started construction on the football field. High schools around Sarasota County have begun to redo their football fields, and now it’s our turn to join. However, our school is going on a different route. Administrators have considered how the football team isn’t that successful, we are moving them across the street to Butler Park. The football field, however, is being changed into something new, something that hasn’t been done before. As a way to show some school spirit, we are turning the old, boring football field into a bobcat habitat! This will give us a new and unique way to show school spirit when compared to other schools. It will also provide a safe place for all the homeless bobcats roaming the streets of North Port. We will also be replacing Boris the Bobcat with an actual bobcat. Make sure to stop by the new bobcat habitat opening this fall! 

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