Have a Helping Hand: Mandatory Tutoring

Right now, we are facing a problem on our campus, people are not being helpful or caring. There is bullying between students. Few students are trying to help others around them. Students in classes do not help others try to understand the material they are learning. It is important so they can pass the classes and state tests. 

To fix this problem, students who understand the curriculum must stay after school to help teach the students who do not. This way our school will have a higher passing rate and teach our students how to be helpful to others after they graduate. They will also learn how to be caring and want to make sure everyone understands. 

The rules of this would be if you have a B or higher in a class you must stay after school for a minimum of 3 hours once a week to teach the kids in the class that have a grade lower than a B. This rule would apply per class, so if you have a B or higher in 3 classes you will have to stay after school 3 times a week. The students who do not understand the curriculum will also have to stay after for tutoring. Students will log the hours they stay after to tutor others or for extra help. If they do not meet the required amount of hours (250 hours per year) they will not be allowed to graduate until they make them up. 

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