Underwater Alien Civilizations Discovered

Secrets are being held from the people of the world, earlier this winter articles from area 51 were leaked. Evidence of underwater alien civilizations with talking sea life have been found and experimented on. Part of the document claims that this civilization is so advanced that it surpasses many if not all of our advancements. The fish in this area are the only animals that can live life as intelligent animals’ other sea life stays the same. The alien sea life has its own form of currency, food, housing, government, law, gravity, and more. The town also contains a special citizen that is not aquatic but a mammal, this small squirrel lives in harmony with the sea life. Another anomaly is that most animals that would have to surface for air do not have to perform this task. This is all tied together with a large mermaid like king and his family that watches over the town.  Our government has lied to us once again about what really goes on in our world. The document will be linked below, I will not be silenced.

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