How to Make Fast and Easy friends at North Port High School

As the year is wrapping up, many upcoming first-year students will be longing for their legendary high school experience. Many will join clubs or a team to try and fit into this new and uncommon scene. Many others will be lost and not know where to even start when it comes to making friends. Do not fear for I have the best tips and tricks to have an avalanche of friends by the end of the first grading period! 

1. Always respect your teachers.  

Do not take this one for granted. Every student will find you so fascinating and kind that they will be begging you to sit with them at lunch. Having a friend group at lunch to laugh and talk to brings strong community. Plus, all the teachers will flood you with gold star stickers and that is better than winning the lottery.  

2. Never leave a mess in the cafeteria.  

The cafeteria is a sacred place where students can relax for 30 minutes and not worry about classes. Think of it as a promise land. Your respect for keeping the space clean shows other students how caring you are. Plus, you will not be eaten by the cafeteria dragon. Yes, it is a real thing. No, do not try to look it up. Just trust me.  

3. Turn in your homework and assignments on time. 

Once you turn in that worksheet your teacher assigned, your phone will be filled with classmates asking if you want to sleepover as to seeing how responsible you can be. Responsibility equals sleepovers. Someone wise said that once. I do not know who, but I am sure they did.  


Everyone goes through a little quarrel in high school. It might be a friend or an enemy or a frenemy that makes your blood boil, but it does not excuse putting an imprint of your fist on their face. There is only one way to settle a conflict and that is to… have a dance party! Who can have bad blood at a dance party? Absolutely no one! Dance parties bring friends together and build a greater school spirit.  

Do not take this advice for granted for it will help you prosper through the school year. Students and teachers will see you rise to extraordinary levels. A positive attitude and behavior draw positive people towards you. Almost like a magnet. The first step to meeting these positive people is to step into the unknown. As Rapunzel once said, “Venture outside your comfort zone. The rewards are worth it.” And Rapunzel is never wrong. 

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