Is Beyoncé the NPHS Bobcat Mascot?

Here at NPHS, we’ve all seen our school mascot roaming around our school events such as our football games or basketball games. I’m sure you’ve wondered, who is in that costume? I’m here to tell you that it’s… Beyoncé! Now you may be confused about how Beyoncé is our mascot, she’s too famous and has too many things to do than to be here at North Port High School. Well, the facts add up. When looking at photos of the mascot from the press, you can see that they are about 5’7-5’9, depending on comparing their measurements to things in the photo, and Beyoncé is coincidentally 5’8. The mascot has even been absent from many events throughout the years, why is that? Because Beyoncé is performing at her concerts or tours or even recording new albums, she can’t be in two places at one time! Where else would that mascot be if it wasn’t her? If it was a student, there should be no reason why the mascot isn’t at every event, there are over 3,000 students at NPHS. If it was a student, we should have backups and back up’s so the mascot is not missing any events. Beyoncé has a good rhythm and has a good heart for music and dances, and that’s what you see the mascot doing at school dances, pep rallies, and football games. There’s absolutely no reason why NPHS’s mascot isn’t Beyoncé. We should honor her for the hard work that she does for our school. She brings the spirit into us all, on stage when she performs and at our school.  

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