Protect Your Sugar, Bugs are Coming!

Breaking news! Beware that this bug in Florida is extremely dangerous and scary. As we talk about this bug visor, discretion is advised. Here is the description: dresses like a baker, 6’7′, and likes sugar. He makes his nests out of cotton candy or lollipops. He enjoys living in homes now; you might be wondering how to kill this bug you cannot call an exterminator. The reason is he can multiply himself. So first, you must set a trap that has sprinkles. He loves sprinkles, and it does not matter where you get them. It would help if you sprinkled a little bit in his nest. And then when you see him come out, you must trap him in a jar and bring him outside.  

Just make sure you put him near a bakery so he can follow the scents of the sweet blueberry muffins or chocolate chip cookies. But, of course, you prevent all of this by cleaning your house, making sure you pick up your food and throw your trash away, cleaning your home regularly, vacuuming your house, and not letting anything sit in your house.  

The bug that got here was because of a bunch of imported sugar. All the sugar bags jumped into the back of the truck, as they drove all the way down to Florida from Canada. When the doors opened at the sugar factory all the sugar bugs jumped out of the boxes, got into the factory, and split up. The best method to solve this problem is to clean up your messes, to help get rid of this sugary creature! Please do your part and the bugs will do their part to stay away from your house!     

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