Need For Change

Everyday students and teachers experience bonding moments in class. Creating a relationship with one another and making the school environment livelier. Going to school, creating a relationship with students and staff makes the students feel welcome at the school and helps them enjoy their time for the next few years they have. Though some students feel like they don’t belong, it creates a gap between the student and the teacher – possibly the other students as well and affects their own school life because of what they do.  

However, everyone could agree on one thing that affects their schooling the most: homework. Homework is work that teachers assign for students to do at home for them to gain more practice and become better at the topic or skill.  Although people such as teachers find this source of practice to be useful, it is actually harmful for students and teachers. These papers students gain every day in each class can be tiresome and create negative emotions. These negative emotions create a sickness that causes them to do poorly on tests and projects they may have. This sickness is called “Nocnia Dotis”, and it is caused by homework. Symptoms of this illness are tiredness, lack of sleep, spontaneous disruptions, and forgetfulness. 

Most students here at North Port High School have this illness and haven’t consulted with an adult about this traumatic disease. Some are too afraid to get called names for having this disease while others are not motivated to recuperate and instead think it’s just being a ‘teen’. About 60% of the school is infected with Nocnia Dotis and need to recover quickly. Solutions to fast recovery is disbanding homework, and instead have students engage in other matters they may have.  

This solution will benefit because it will soon create a livelier community and allow students to be more engaged in the subject. This livelier community is proven to improve test scores. In high school, Broward Highschool, many students recovered from Nocnia Dotis because of teachers not giving them homework and instead assign group work to help them engage in conversations while working. These conversations allow students to be engaged in that they are doing and soon enough the work is done. This example of recovery is what is needed in North Port High School. Spread Awareness of Nocnia Dotis and help students recover and move forward in life. 

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