The End of the Buckeyes!

In the modern world, global tensions continue to rise, leading us all to look beyond our shores to find the greatest enemy. And yet, in doing so, we fail to see our greatest enemy, a domestic threat that will one day consume us all in its hellfire and brimstone. This land is known by many names- “The Buckeye State,” “Birthplace of Aviation,” and even “The Heart of it All.” Truly, these are deceptions, a flimsy attempt to shroud their misdeeds in the reds, whites, and blues of America. The only heart in that forsaken land is the still-beating pump that drives all the evil in this world.  

For far too long has this abhorrent land been tolerated in our union. For far too long we have overlooked this threat. For far too long we have ignored this silent killer, but it must be addressed today.  

For the greater good of our nation, Ohio must be eliminated. 

Many would say that we cannot simply destroy it, the civilian casualties too grand to do what must be done. And yet, these “civilians” are no more than a husk of their former selves, the cruel damnation of their hellscape sapping their lives away and leaving them as servants of evil. 

One might say, “How does this affect our school?”. Simply put, our school will cease to exist should we allow the injustices of this land to continue. 

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