Mrs. Hamer’s True Identity

Today it is hard to know exactly who the people you talk to are when there’s fake ID’s and other such things. Three months ago, Sandler Adam, a student, had overheard Mrs. Hamer discussing that she must not reveal her true identity. Over the course of time Sandler studied Mrs. Hamer and studied her strange behavior over time and documented her conversations as much as they could. While Sandler was picking up their belongings from the class, Sandler found a long strand of her hair and collected it. Then, Sandler hired scientist Dr. Doofenshmirtz to analyze the data, and the results were shocking. Dr. Doofenshmirtz tested the DNA and Mrs. Hamer’s DNA matched 100% with Drew Barrymore! All the data adds up, Mrs. Hamer’s secret identity is Drew Barrymore!! Nobody has seen Mrs. Hamer and Drew Barrymore in the same room. Mrs. Hamer or should I say Drew Barrymore both have happy relaxed eyes, a small nose, full cheeks, and a crescent moon smile. 

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