2022 Football Player Profile: Mike Prince


Ronald Dupont

Ronald: What are you improving on during the offseason? 

Mike Prince: I am working on speed and building bond with the team during the offseason 

Ronald: What is your favorite part about playing football? 

Mike Prince: The feeling of winning  

Ronald: How do you spend your time outside of football?  

Mike Prince: I love to sleep and hangout with friends when I’m not playing football  

Ronald: How do you motivate yourself to work harder on the field?  

Mike Prince: My dad keeps pushing me to do my best on the field and prove myself to everyone.  

Ronald: What position to you play?  

Mike Prince: Wide Receiver and Safety  

Ronald: How do you prepare for a football game? 

Mike Prince: Listen to music.  

Ronald: What is on your mind just before the first snap of the game? 

Mike Prince: Make the stop and keep the momentum going.  

Ronald: What are your goals for next season? 

Mike Prince: 10 TD, 300 YDs