2022 Football Player Profile: Evan Burger


Ronald Dupont

Ronald: What are you improving on during the off season?  

Evan: Becoming faster and stronger. Also working on bonding with the new coaches. 

Ronald: What is your favorite part about playing football?  

Evan: The brotherhood between the team. 

Ronald: How do you spend your time outside of football?  

Evan: Love hanging out with friends. 

Ronald: How do you motivate yourself to work harder on the field?  

Evan: My mom pushes me to play harder and keeps me believing in myself. 

Ronald: What position to you play and what do you like about it? 

Evan: Quarterback 

Ronald: How do you prepare for a football game?  

Evan: Eat a good meal and listen to music and I will also meditate. 

Ronald: What is on your mind just before the first snap of the game?  

Evan: What can we gain from this first play and can we keep it going throughout the whole game? 

Ronald: What are your goals for the next season?  

Evan: Improve on and off the field.