Weightlifting Walkout Photos


Gabriella Almeder

Go Bobcats! 

Students are lining up outside to support three of our weightlifters who made it to the state competition. Senior Lexi Christian says, “I liked being part of the walkout because I love seeing fellow students supporting each other for doing something they love”. 


The weightlifters walk out of the school to find a crowd of people supporting them. Weightlifter Nathan Clark says ““I’ve been lifting ever since 8th grade because I wanted to be strong as I can be and if anyone wants to start lifting is to just start and don’t be afraid”. 

Good Luck! 

The weightlifters are walking out to the van to take them to their competition at Port St. Joe high school in Panama City. Ronnie Elkhatib says “I’ve been lifting ever since freshman year and the reason why I started was because I wanted to become stronger, and always stick to it”. 

Do your best! 
The weightlifters are getting ready to do their best at a weightlifting competition. Weightlifter Clauvins Alexander says “I love how much it favors individual skill and hard work, the people who work the hardest will always be the ones who are on top. Plus, my teammates are a huge factor as well- even though we are a small team we make unforgettable memories”.