Powderpuff 2022!

Juliana Mcmanmon

When most people heard about powderpuff, they had a lot to say about it like that is for kids who are not strong enough to play football. But it was a chance to show some school spirit and to go out there and have fun. Trying out new things is not such a bad idea after all and in the end, you might tell yourself that you are glad that you tried something new or in the end you could not like it and just not want to do it again and nothings bad is going to happen you are just going to find out what you like and do not like to do. It was something different to play for a lot of kids and it was extremely fun to get out there and just play for fun and leave it “all on the field” when it was over with. 

School spirit is something that means a lot to many students here at North Port High school. The people who played and participated were out there to have fun and spread the school spirit with hopes that more people will be like them in the future and see all the fun that they are missing out on. All of the games were remarkably close and everyone that participated tried their best but there was one grade that just could not be beat and that was the Sophomores. The head coach of the sophomores was Paeten Westmoreland. He says, “At the beginning we established that if we wanted to win everyone had to put in effort and focus up, and that is exactly what everyone did. We worked hard at practice and when game day came it paid off on the field.” – says Paeten. Although Paeten was not really head coach, he deserves all the credit. If it was not for him the Sophomores would have been lost and would have not known what to do. Paeten taught them everything they knew, and he would stay if they needed him to so they would be ready for the games and so that they would have a chance to win, and it turns out that they were able to pull it off in the end.  

With every game being close it was intense for every grade. From people cheering in the stands to the people playing, everyone was on their feet. Every time there was a good play teammate were cheering on their other teammates and telling them how good they did. In the end the winning team had the chance of bragging rights to the other teams. It was a fun school event for people to participate in and to just overall enjoy that they had getting to know new people and make new friends but also to spread school spirit and show other people that schools not just about academic’s and waking up every day just to learn new things there is many school events that take place and there fun to participate in and it an opportunity to try something new that maybe you have never done before.