Choir Banquet

Cristin Giurgiu

The event on 4/29/22 was an away event at the Bobcat Trail Clubhouse which held the advance choir banquet. The banquet was themed Greek masquerade which was fun because students had to dress like Greek gods and goddesses and it was a dinner hosted with lots of food, candy, and activities. The banquet was held by Mr. Sommer and Mrs. King to celebrate the advanced choir students and the arduous work they have done by nominating them with certificates and trophies. 

In the beginning of the event students started to come in one at a time. The banquet was decorated beautifully with fairy lights, candy, glitter, and Greek stuff. They even had a Greek backdrop where you could take pictures with your friends. Once everyone got to the event dressed up in beautiful dresses and found their friends, they all found tables to sit at. Then each table was picked one at a time to get food which was tacos and Mexican food. After everyone got food and ate everyone raced to the candy section to get some candy to eat. After the candy section was completely gone and eaten by everyone. Mr. Sommer started giving a speech about how thankful and grateful he is for all his students. Also, how extremely proud he was to have all of them for choir this school year. Then he started giving out trophies and certificates to everyone individually calling them up to get it from him and then taking a picture with them. When each person got called up to get their trophy everyone clapped, even the people that were not able to make it that night was clapped for. Then choir students that Mr. Sommer had for four years got called up to take pictures with him since it was their last year in the North Port Highschool advance choir. Mrs. King afterwards gave Mr. Sommer a bouquet of roses to show her appreciation for him and all the challenging work he does. Then it was time to go home. The banquet was incredibly fun and emotional for everyone because of all the challenging work put into it. It was a very cool experience with friends and I totally recommend people to attend a North Port Highschool Advance Choir banquet next year if they have one. I Interviewed a member of the advanced choir group Destiny Giurgiu a 10th grader that was attending the banquet, and she said, “I think this banquet was very nice and very emotional since the seniors are not coming back next year.” I also interviewed two other advanced choir members. Amy Lee a 9th grader said, “I loved everyone’s dresses and think the food was very delicious, especially the candy.” Another 9th grader named Rylinn said that, “The banquet was a fun time spent with friends.” I said that, “The banquet was a success and was well deserved for everyone!” Interviewed by Cristin Giurgiu on 4/29/22 including a quote from myself. 

In conclusion, the choir banquet was incredibly fun and interesting. I recommend people who like to dress up in themes and hang out with friends to go to one if there is going to be another one hosted. Overall, the advanced choir group members enjoyed it even though most of them were not able to make it that night. Everyone got awards varying from being the most improved to being the most helpful.