10 August Announcements

Ms. Lord

School pictures for grades 9-11 will be in the Gym on Friday, August 12. You will receive an information sheet today from your English teacher. 

You will receive your School ID today. Your new School ID card must be worn visibly at all times while on campus. Lost or destroyed IDs will result in a $5 charge for a replacement. Plan somewhere to store your ID when you leave school, so it is always ready for the next day. A good place to store it might be in your backpack. 

Schedule change requests may be submitted through end of day on Tuesday, August 16. Ask any teacher for the QR code to request a schedule change. If you’d like to do this job I’m doing right now, we have a small number of seats available in 7th period news class! 


Featured Speakers:

Mrs. Shannon Fusco, Principal

Dr. Agnes Pelopida, APA

Mrs. Linda Copeland, APC