Senior Bundles


Isabelle Lungay

Class of 2023, 

 The Senior Bundles are happening right now! From August 15 to September 1st, NPHS is offering a sale of two different bundles of goodies that relate to your overall year. Both bundles (Navy & Silver), include exclusive items such as a Senior T-Shirt, Senior hoodie, and the ‘23 Panoramic Photo. However, the Navy Bundle does include extra items such as tickets to homecoming, prom, and grad bash, as well as the 2022-2023 yearbook. (Eligibility & requirements STILL APPLY for tickets!) 

Navy Bundles are $360, while the silver bundles are $60. And remember—cap & gowns are NOT included! Please make your decisions final as there will be NO refunds for the bundles. 


For more questions, please contact [email protected] 

You can purchase Senior Bundles on the school website, at 


Order by September 1st!