Important elections take place for Sarasota County Schools school board

Kody Hendrix and Kevyn Dufresne

On August 23rd, 2022, three seats of the Sarasota County School Board are up for election. The general election was meant to be on November 8th, but said date was cancelled because the upcoming election will effectively replace it. This is because each position only has two candidates in them. For each position, the candidates are:

Bridget Zeigler and Dawnyelle Singleton running for seat 1,

Lauren Kurnov and Robyn A. Marinelli running for seat 4,

Nora Cietek and Timothy Enos running for seat 5.

The winner of these elections will be in their respective seats for 4 years. Ziegler has served two terms as a conservative, narrowly winning each time. Singleton, who has not yet served on the board, does not claim any political affiliation.

Lauren Kurnov is in a similar place to Marinelli- both advertise themselves as non-political candidates focused on the betterment of education, and both have experience in the education system.

Cietek shows herself in much the same light- focused on education and not politics, with a focus on mental health and teamwork in schools, alongside a 30 year journey in education. Enos, on the other hand, is a former Chief of police, alongside having a bachelor’s in finance. He runs on a platform that seeks to involve parents more in what is being taught by teachers.

Even though this is a primary election, and Florida is a closed primary state, the elections will be open to all voters due to special circumstances.

The election took place on August 23rd. According to the Sarasota County Board of Elections, 35.74% of the county’s population showed up to make their voices heard. 124,918 ballots were counted in total, and the elections led to the following results:

In District 1, the incumbent Bridget Zeigler secured her 3rd term, winning 56.35% of the vote.

In District 4, longtime educator Robyn A. Marinelli secured victory, winning 52.80% of the vote.

In District 5, former Sarasota Chief of Police Timothy Enos won his election, winning 52.74% of the vote.



Updated August 24 – winners of each race indicated in bold text.

Updated August 26 – results of each race stated.