The Freshmen’s Grand Entrance

On August 1st and 2nd, Freshmens are granted the opportunity to gather information before the school season starts. Link Crew members, Seniors and Juniors, were chosen by Ms. McKeith to guide them through the campus and is run by Mr. Thomas. The event began on August 1st and started at 8:00am. In the beginning, seniors and juniors clapped as Freshmens walked into the gym to collect their name tags. As soon as they got their name tags, they were seated on the benches and soon they were able to do a “wake up” activity with Mr. Thomas. 

The “wake up” activity they and the chosen members were to massage and scratch both their left and right side partners and later a little game called, “Simeon Says”.  As soon as they finished the activity, they were stationed in specific groups according to their name tag. As the Link Crew members collected all their freshman, they were stationed off to a specific room. During time, the members did activities to help the Freshmens get familiar with the group, get them out of their shell, and overall get to know one another and the campus itself.  

Activities ranged from “Name Tag”, a game to know learn and remember everyone’s name to help you tag one another by saying someone’s name, and “40 questions” mini session to know what someone would choose in a small ‘why?’ question. After these activities, they were able to learn the “10 things every Freshmans should know” and were given their schedule; soon they were able to have a tour throughout the school. Some of the 10 things they should know include statements such as “Freshmen year being the most important year” and “Be proactive, not a procrastinator.” After the tour, all the groups are gathered back in the gym to be sent off into bigger groups to go in rotational activities. For example, group 1-9 were sent off into one of the stations, scavenger hunt (gym), the PAC, and the cafeteria. These 3 spots allow the Freshmens to know what the school is about such as in the PAC, Mrs. Bennet and Mr. Mannino presented slides of all the clubs North Port had to offer. 

I think this event went well because the groups guided the Freshmens well because of their experience here at North Port as well as keeping the environment lively.  It gave a lot of information to Freshmens such as club information to lunch being an actual period.