North Port Bobcats Splash into Their First Swim Meet

The North Port Bobcats Swim Team competes in their first meet of the season!


Chloe Halbert

Swimming is a very passionate sport with lots of different distances and events. North Port High even has a swim team of their own. The very first meet of the 2022-2023 school year was against Charlotte High on August 23 at the Centennial Park Pool. This meet was intense for all, even the people watching. It was obvious that each team was so invested in this sport, and each wanted to win equally as much.  

It’s very important to have a swim team that’s close and knows each other. It’s easy to tell that North Port’s swim team is exactly this way. “I really enjoy the team, the team’s just like a big family and everyone’s really supportive and they know exactly what you’re going through,” says Tessa Erazo (10th grade). This really shows their team spirit and willingness to work together. 

Although the North Port Bobcats didn’t win this meet, North Port swimmers still have confidence to swim strong. “I feel like it was pretty good; A pretty good start to the season, I just expect better things from now on,” Erazo says. This team has great morale; If they lose the first meet, it’s okay, they can just do better next time. That is the attitude to have. 


First Place Finishes for the Girls’ team included the following: 

Medley Relay Team– Tessa Erazo, Melissa Seavers, Alyssa Kemp, and Isabella Noonan 

Alyssa Kemp– 200 Yard Individual Medley and 100 Yard Butterfly 

Isabella Noonan– 100 Yard Freestyle 


First Place Finishes for the Boys’ Team included the following: 

Medley Relay Team– Josh Kemp, Michael Kent, Isaac Malec, Joseph Scott 

Michael Kent- 200 Yard Individual Medley and 100 Yard Breaststroke 

Josh Kemp– 500 Yard Freestyle and 100 Yard Backstroke 

Earl Richards– 100 Yard Freestyle 

Joseph Scott– 50 Yard Freestyle