Parent Senior Night at North Port High School

Kody Hendrix

On August 31st, 2022, North Port High School held an event for parents of seniors to learn about important information. Many important things were discussed, including information about the AICE program and how to apply for colleges. For any parents who missed the event, it can be viewed on the North Port High School website as a prerecorded video, as well as other informational videos. Speakers included Lee Thomas and Jennica Thomas, the councilors for NPHS seniors.

Julie King, vice principal, giving a speech

The first topic of discussion was the AICE program, namely testing scores and how to get those scores to a college for recognition. According to a state rule (Rule 6a-10.024), these test scores can be used to cover credits at colleges that accept them. Next, the Bright Futures program was covered. Students with a high enough GPA, sufficient ACT or SAT scores, and community service OR work hours (the two cannot be mixed) can be eligible for tuition coverage from the state, which all public colleges must accept.  

Mr. Lee Thomas, senior councilor, talking about college application

Next, the upcoming penny auction at 24TwentyOne was talked about. It will be taking place on October 13th, and the school is still looking for more businesses (big or small) to donate baskets for the auction. Afterwards, cap and gown bundle information was given. Students who order a cap and gown bundle will receive their bundle at the end of the year, during the senior barbeque event. In addition, the college night at Robart arena was announced, which is slated to take place on September 22nd at 6 pm. This is an event for students to meet and talk to colleges from around the country, and get information they might otherwise not be able to. Finally, the speakers went into the lobby of the PAC, and parents were given time to ask any questions they had.