Congressional Debates

During the Speech and Debate club, they go over several types of speech and debate. This club would be enjoyable for you if you like arguing and discussing about certain topics that inspire you. There are also meets you can go to so you are able to compete against other people. Most people in the club go to all the meets, but may not compete. The meets are held on Wednesdays once every month. The club meets after school on Thursdays.  

For debate, they have congressional debate, public forum, impromptu and Lincoln/Douglas debate. In congressional debate, there is a group of 4 or more people to draft bills to be approved. In a public forum, there is a pair of people and you debate current events. In impromptu, you debate a current event that is presented to you. In Lincoln/Douglas debate, you pair up and debate. 

The different types of speech they have are poetry, humorous interpretation, dramatic interpretation, extempore speaking and informative. In all the speeches you can do it alone, except for dramatic interpretation. In dramatic interpretation you get into groups of 3 or more and perform together.