K-Pop Club Photos

Sporting the cause 

The head of the club, Kat Mano, daughter of Mrs. Mano, wears a K-pop themed shirt to their first club meeting. She mentions to the members that she is not a teacher at NPHS, but a teacher’s aide; she then shares information about herself and the club. 


A round of applause 

The president of the club, Jay Chavarria (‘25), stands up when told to in order to get applause from the other members. The representatives for the club were chosen not long before the initial meeting. 


Putting in the work 

Being a small club, the K-pop club does not get funds from the school; this issue was addressed at their first meeting on August 25th when Kat Mano, the club’s advisor, explained to the members that they would need to work together if they wanted to do fun activities together outside of school. Although this seems like a fun outgoing way of spending time together, the root of the issue goes further into how the school’s funding for programs is divided.