A Vivacious Varsity Volleyball Game

Riley Devaney

 Picture this, a gymnasium filled with rows upon rows of people. A court with two teams, a net, a beautiful white volleyball, and a lot of energy- a lot of fight. If you can picture that, then you can picture the volleyball game, on Thursday August 25th. If you can picture something thrilling, exciting, and energetic, then you can picture this.  

The match was between Lemon Bay and our wonderful Varsity Lady Bobcats. The match was one you would be disappointed to miss, with a very large showing in our student body. One of the most exciting interactions with our bobcat crowd was when our Bobcat crowd had a cheering match against the JV lemon bay team! It was truly amazing to be within the very engaged crowd and in the midst of such great school spirit that was demonstrated well at many ends of the spectrum. 

The girls played very well, and they fought hard, coming back from a rough set one and scoring 4 points right off the bat in Set Two! The girls had some truly phenomenal serves and saves that kept the rounds going. It was truly astounding to see the joy on the team’s face as one of their members made an extraordinary play. From each of the girls I saw dives, spikes, and serves that took my breath away. The game may have not gone the way they expected, but I do not think that single girl did not perform.  

The courage and fighting spirit was outstanding, the girls brought the heat, and it was amazing to see them come back several times after a deficit and give the Lemon Bay girls something to work for. The game was so exciting and ever-changing that there was not a single moment during which I could pry my eyes, around every single corner I saw a Bobcat doing something that made my heart pound. Moreover, I saw extensive leadership and ferocity in all of the girls. A shout goes out to Abby Backstrom, whom I saw deliver enthusiasm and encouragement that was unrelenting.  

Abby Backstrom(24′) (Ariana Pontero)