What is SAC all about?

Learn what SAC entails and what information each meeting discusses.

Rebecca Tsybulnik

The School Advisory Council, or SAC, is an advisory group that meets up every other Monday at 6:30 p.m. in the Media Center classroom to discuss the needs of North Port High School and how to acquire those said needs with their given budget. SAC consists of a diversified group of school staff, parents, and students; they push to see a variety of perspectives from North Port residents who are all looking to improve the school for the better.  

SAC is an important council because it tries to find solutions on how to improve students’ lives and the schools. They focus on certain topics like how to get graduation rates up and how to make field trips affordable for all students, then they give their feedback back to administration. Only members of SAC are able to vote on certain subjects, but everyone is welcome to sit through and listen to the meetings. The first meeting appointed co-chair, secretary, and treasurer. A parent of a North Port High School student is the co-chair, a staff member was appointed secretary, and the treasurer is a student of North Port named Bryana Stelps. 

As a treasurer, Stelps oversees the budget and keeps track of expenses with the school bookkeeper. Her experience in multiple clubs has prepared her for this position. 

“It sounds really easy compared to the current stuff I got to do,” says Bryana Stelps (sophomore). 

All members of SAC are willing and determined to improve the lives of students and prepare them for a wonderful life here at North Port! 

“I like community service and knowing things,” says Bryana Stelps (sophomore).