NAHS Paints Positivity

The National Art Honor Society lets students create their own pieces that have an impact.

The National Art Honor Society (NAHS) is a club at North Port High that allows students to truly express themselves with their art. They get to do fundraisers, events, volunteering, and more. It’s clear that everyone there is glad to be there, and that they’re all so glad to be doing what they love by helping others. It’s also a wonderful place to make friends, or even family. Having a bunch of people in a group that share a similar interest is really relaxing. “My favorite part about it [NAHS] is how it’s just a group of people who just love art; we just all appreciate it. It’s different for everybody, but at the same time, we just get to have so much fun sharing a similar interest,” says Katelyn Lewis, the president of NAHS. All the members get to enjoy working on something they love as a group.  

During the club meetings, the atmosphere is so calm and comforting. It’s easy to tell that everyone can independently work on their own projects with minimal disruption and communicate well with each other, yet somehow not disturbing the peace. Everyone is focused on their own projects that mean so much to them. Everyone is so passionate about what they’re creating. “I just love being able to draw and paint what I can see, and at some point, it just became therapeutic, so I just kept doing it,” says Lewis. Not only does this club love art, but for some of them, it’s free therapy.  

As of now, they are working on art pieces inspired by embracing differences. The NAHS cares so much about inclusivity and being nice to others. They focus on things that put a positive light on the world and show how not everything is that happy, causing the people who see the art to want to make a difference. “The last piece of art I created, which is something kind of special to me, is a beach landscape with some birds who are picking through some litter, and this piece is special because it’s my first full digital art piece and also subtly highlights environmental issues that we have in our society with littering and animal endangerment,” says Lewis. Along with achieving goals for herself, she’s making an impact on the world by talking about littering and animal endangerment. It shows how much this club genuinely cares about issues in the world and how they want to help fix it. The NAHS is an amazing and accepting club that shows their passion about things through art in a way that truly makes the world a better place.