Top 10 Halloween Costumes


Alina Romanyuk

Xander Hilton

Nate Jones


Top 10 popular Halloween Costume ideas 

10 1 Cher from clueless.  

9 CATWOMEN from batman. 

8 Jurassic Park Dr.ellie  as you can imagine you can explore the world of dinosaurs as you dress up your imagination Dino bones, and DNA can be seen. 

7 Britney spears  

6 Minion something as a little kid show is something so popular so you and your friends can dress up and have someone to be your gru for this spooky Halloween.  

5 Coraline 

4 1980’s 

3 Supergirl Halloween Costume. 

2 Harry Potter Uniform Dress. 

1 M&M Halloween Costume shirts with an m on them and assorted colors would be perfect for that moment you want to capture for the moment.  

Top 10 creative/DIY ideas 

10 Cake Slice Costume. 

9 Robots Costume do not be bored when you can be techy and be a robot, they say no robot cannot have fun that is why a robot would be a great picture for your one and a kind moment.  

8 Greek Gods Costume. 

7 Marie Antoinette Costume. 

6 Snow White Halloween Costume as fairy tale long ago can still be a great costume no matter the tale with you princess gets ready for the adventure.  

5 Legends Halloween Costume. 

4 Men in Black Halloween Costume They are the best-kept secret in the universe. Working for a highly funded yet unofficial government agency, that is why they need your help when you dress up. 

3 Sabrina Halloween Costume.  

2 Queen of Hearts Halloween Costume. 

1 Goose and Maverick Halloween Costume.

Top 10 worst costumes  

10 Justin Bieber just no it was a phase, and it needs to be gone it was a kids dream no more do not do it. 

9 Miley Cyrus.. 

8 The royal couple. 

7 Tim Tebow. 

6 Dinosaur. 

5 Clown do not be a clown you will frown you will be as everyone else do not do it is a bad idea  

4 Star Wars is a common thing. It is a great show but too many people dress up as Star Wars do not blend in with the crowd be different.  

3 Witch. 

2 Pirate. 

1 Superhero.