The Academic Olympics Are Back!

The Academic Olympics club is back and as fun as ever!

Chloe Halbert

The Academic Olympics is a club that competes with other schools to answer a variety of questions. While they’re not competing though, the atmosphere is very calm and welcoming. People can come and do their homework if they need to, and there are drinks and snacks for everyone. Although you would expect the room to be competitive, it’s relaxed and laid back. You can be in a stress-free environment while practicing for the Academic Olympics. 

Participating in this club has had an impact on some people. Being able to be involved is something super fun that not a lot of people do. “…this year I’m doing it because I really had a good time last year,” says Kevyn Dufresne, a junior at North Port High. Clearly, this club is worth returning to. It’s a great place to have a good time and hang out with your friends. 

The Academic Olympics are good if you’re a competitive person, as the competitions do get extremely competitive. “I like the competition aspect and the teamwork,” says Dufresne. If you’re good at working together to win, this club might just be for you. Combining competition and teamwork is a difficult thing to do, as it gets very stressful, but this club can help you manage that, and get even better at working during stressful situations and working as a team.