Anime Club’s Party Palooza


Rebecca Tsybulnik

Happy day! Members of Anime Club posing with their new mascot, Herbert the Desk. The whole day, they all have been connecting over their love for their new mascot. “While other clubs feel just like normal clubs, we do our best to make everyone feel like family,” says Dracen.

Kody Hendrix

October 26th, 2022, Anime club met for their 2nd annual party. The party was open to members only, and there was food and drinks available for attendees, which were provided by the students themselves. Students dressed in costumes and enjoyed music in the company of friends. The party lasted for an hour, from 2:30 to 3:30. 

First, the club president stood and laid out the rules for the party. After that, food and drink were put out, and students lined up to get it. At first, only chips and other snacks were laid out, but pizza was later added. The pizza was handed out equally to each student, resulting in two slices per member. After this, the students split off into their own groups, talking and enjoying the food. They also took pictures with the club mascot, Herbert. 

Anime club takes place every Wednesday in room 8-214. The club is hosted by Ms. Dugan. They usually watch anime in the club (requiring a permission form signed by parents). It is an open and inclusive space for any student, so long as they follow the rules. Sometimes, the students simply sit around and enjoy time with friends.