Austin Krupski’s Favorite FCA Moments

Austin Krupski delves back into his experiences at FCA and why he loves them.

Andrew Miles

A sophomore by the name, Austin Krupski, cannot wait to go to FCA every Friday because of its environment and inspirational messages. Austin Krupski who is from Port Charlotte, started baseball at the age of 3. He went to Atwater Elementary and then Woodland Middle School. At Woodland, Austin’s favorite teacher was his “seventh-grade math teacher, Mr. Magnuson.” He then later explains that “He was able to have a no-nonsense procedure in class and even though I did not like it at first, I was able to advance quickly.Nowadays. Austin is on the JV baseball team and takes part in FCA every Friday. His favorite part of FCA is the “very friendly environment,” and he explains that “everyone loves everyone.” Austin is always looking for optimism in every situation, he explains this with his favorite quote “Once we lose everything, we are finally free to do anything.” He later says that this quote applies to his life because “…a person can still have optimism at any point in their life. Even once they lost everything.”