FFEA Welcomes Students with Open Arms

FFEA had their first official meeting on October 19th. The members came together to discuss and organize the future of the club. Many things were discussed, the upcoming block party, a state conference, and a program to help school staff with their children. Each thing discussed has the goal of the club in mind, to raise students to become educators and help them become leaders. This is done by allowing students to talk to educators, learn how to help and support school educators, and a field trip where you learn and test teaching techniques with schools and students from all over the state. 

First and foremost Is helping the school’s staff. One way this is done is through helping the teachers decorate for events. While the teachers are working on their students, FFEA helps them organize special holiday decorations.  Another way is being considered. A special group to take care of the staff’s children like a daycare.  This is to help teachers financially and make their jobs easier. Along with helping the teachers, the students will be able to meet and talk with different educators. One large opportunity is for the students to attend the state conference. At this conference, students will learn teaching techniques and be able to talk with experienced teachers. The purpose of these events is to help students learn to manage and expand their teaching and events.  

Overall, this club is nice and easygoing. It’s a great place to go if you want to learn an incredibly useful skill without any stress. The club members would be very happy to see and guide new students looking to learn. The club is meant to help students find what they’re good at and help them advance it. After all, the best way to learn something is to teach someone else.