9 November Announcements

     The Media Center is now open.  If you have Library books and/or textbooks that were lost or damaged in Hurricane Ian, please come to the Media and speak with Mrs. Jorge to get the materials you need replaced as soon as possible.  The Media Center is open before school, after school (Monday thru Thursday) and during lunches.  You MUST have a pass from your teacher if coming to the Media Center during class time. After School tutoring that was in 4-207 has now moved to the Media Center. 



     Seniors, keep your eyes peeled during lunch for the Jostens table. They will be taking orders for your Cap & Gown and other graduation items. Remember, you must purchase a cap & gown package to participate in graduation in May. Don’t wait. Email Mrs. Sheilah Thomas if you have questions about senior items.

      Need help in math class? Studying for an upcoming test or the FSA retake? Math Lab is now open in the media center after school for students needing help in algebra 1, 2, and geometry. Math lab will be every Monday and Thursday after school at 2:30 until 3:30. Ask your math teacher for details and we will see you there. 



  • French Club will meet this week on Thursday after school in Madame M’Bark’s room, 8-217.  Come one, come all! 
  • Today is GHOST OUT DAY for Students in the Drug Free Youth Community Against Toxic Chemical Hazards.  They will be wearing black and remain silent today to resemble the millions of people who die every year due to drug and tobacco use, and their unspoken voices and stories they couldn’t tell. The silence stands for the common tragedy that is overlooked as “the norm”. The Club’s mission is to spread awareness of the effects of drugs and tobacco. Let’s put an end to drug use, marketing, and targeting of youth! Can you CATCH your breath? Or are you a Lab Rat for the Vape companies?
  • Hey bobcats, my name is Julie Motherway, and I am the secretary for Key Club, I am here to tell you guys about our key club boutique. Our key club boutique is a place for those in need of dresses and suits for homecoming and future prom. We have shoes, jewelry, as well as purses. We are open after school until 4:00 all week.  So please go to room 5-105 to find your perfect fit, like the dress I’m wearing right now. If you have any further questions, please contact one of our board members such as myself, our president or Mrs. Pomerleau. Hope to see you there!