NPHS Cyberpatriot Team Competes In First Competition of the Season

Kevyn Dufresne, Editor

The Cyberpatriot Team celebrates their hard work and dedication to the program. While all of the cadets were exhausted after 5 hours of continuous competition, they take pride in their team, their unit, and their school.  (C/PO3 Lauren Wolfe)


On Saturday, November 5th, 7 of our NJROTC cadets competed in the second round of the National Youth Cyber Defense Competition. This competition tasks high school students with securing virtual machines from viruses, attacks, and threats. This high-intensity event lasts a maximum of 6 hours, and it’s grueling nature helps cultivate interest in cybersecurity as well as forge lasting bonds.  


The NJROTC Cyberpatriot Team was created last year by Cadet Kevyn Dufresne, who also commands the team this year. The main team is further divided into 2 smaller teams-Bobcats I and Bobcats II. Kevyn personally led Bobcats I, filled entirely with newcomers to the program, while Cadet Lauren Wolfe led Bobcats II, a team of more experienced cadets.  


Bobcats I scored 94 total points in the 3 components, containing Cadets Kevyn Dufresne, Jacob Freed, and Jasmyn Childs. 


Bobcats II scored 49 total points, containing Cadets Lauren Wolfe, Alicia Stewart, Austin Nottingham, and Jordan Wager. 


The cadets were served cookies, and were able to sit back, relax, and have fun with friends while learning valuable skills about computer science. Many of the skills gained in this competition will give the competitors an edge in our dynamic and technical world. The team will go on to compete in the State Round on December 10, where they will continue to battle thousands of teams nationwide.