Kayla Piehler: The Soccer Player and Treasurer

Alivia Tison

What made you want to be involved and what has driven you to continue to be involved in school? 

“Mostly the people. It’s so much easier to interact with people when you’re involved with groups in school” 

How has being in different social environments affected you as a person? 

“It has made me more well-rounded as a person, but it’s definitely hard to keep up with everyone’s schedules” 

Which group do you feel like you connect to or belong to the most? 

“Probably soccer, because I’ve been playing high school all four years and I know the JV and Varsity girls” 

What club do you play for and what clubs have you been to in the past? 

“I’m the treasure for SGA I do VPA, and I’m currently playing at FC Sarasota for soccer” 

What is your favorite aspect of playing sports and being involved in school clubs? 

“I like all of it honestly just like the groups of people I meet and what were doing for the school, especially for student government I would say decorating is the best part” “ I also love the travel on the bus for soccer that’s always fun” 

What would you change about the clubs or sports you’re in that you feel would make them more beneficial? 

“I wish for student government for administration to be more free with our decisions and lets us do more things” 

What have you overcome now or in the past that you feel has built you to who you are now? 

 My kneecaps are kind of not in the socket, defiantly that it causes a lot of pain and affects both of my legs” 

“Not being on a board until now then jumping to and executive board is a big hurdle, nut I love it, it’s fun just a lot of responsibility”