Alicia Stewart: Speech & Debate Member


Kylie Kelly and Giovanna DiPrimo

Kylie: “Why did you decide to join speech and debate club?” 

Alicia: “Because I enjoy speech and debate club. It’s good to have on your college record.” 

Kylie: “How did the club live up to your expectations?”  

Giovanna: “Did it live up to your expectations?” 

Alicia: “yes!” 

Giovanna: “Did you have any expectations?” 

Alicia: “I mean yeah, I went in there to debate so it fulfilled my intellect.” 

Kylie: “What kind of different topics do you enjoy debating?” 

Alicia: “I don’t know, like politics, social stuff.” 

Kylie: “What kind of prior experience do you have in speech and debate club, if any?” 

Alicia: “None.” 

Kylie: “What kind of careers are you looking for that include speech and debate?” 

Alicia: “None.” 

Kylie “What kind of college are you trying to get into?” 

Alicia: “I’m trying to get into one of the Florida colleges or the Airforce Academy because I want to do something in astrophysics” 

Kylie: “What do you think you contributed to the speech and debate club?”  

Alicia: “I contribute my drive to debate for my moral values.”  

Kylie: “What kind of family/friend influence was there in your choice to do speech and debate club?” 

Alicia: “None. It was my decision.”