Sustainable for a Better Future

Madison Erickson

Sustainability club is a good way to learn about finding ways to improve and help our environment. The club is located in room 5-108 on Mondays and Wednesdays and is hosted by Mr. Ward. The club involves active members to plant trees, clean beaches, and work towards school sustainability. The club itself has many fun aspects and relies on life lessons and through experience to learn.  

On November 7th the club came together to rake weeds and replant pumpkin seeds in front of and by the flag poles. This taught students how to use teamwork skills and exposed them to working outside for a cause. Elizabeth Rosenthal, a Sophomore at North Port High says that the club, “teaches how to help better the environment one thing at a time while still being fun.” The club introduces effective methods to improve the understanding of environmental causes and improvements. Peyton Durrance, a Freshman at North Port High says, “it’s a nice team-based club that helps us to improve our school and overall community.” 

In my opinion the club is a fun and interactive way to learn about new environmentally friendly activities. The club also creates opportunities to achieve volunteer hours and meet new people. Overall, the sustainability club is a nice and welcoming way to connect with an eco-friendlier group of people.