Kylie Staub’s Theatre Experience

Chloe Halbert

CHLOE: What’s your name and what grade are you in? 

KYLIE: I’m Kylie Staub and I am in 10th grade. 

CHLOE: What show are you performing and what’s it about? 

KYLIE: It is called Treasure Island and it is about a boy named Jim Hawkins and how he goes on an adventure to find a treasure that he goes out and finds through a different person.  

CHLOE: What people are acting as the main roles? 

KYLIE: So, I play Jim Hawkins and then Jake plays Mr. Silver who is a big part in the climax and a lot of the fighting that happens in the show. And then there’s the people who are on Jim’s side who are Captain Smullet, Squire Trewlaney, and Doctor Livesey who are all on the good side. And then there’s another side which they end up joining together at the end. 

CHLOE: What’s it like getting ready for a show? 

KYLIE: I find it very exciting and also kind of stressful at the same time but it’s stressful in an exciting way if that makes any sense. I say mostly exciting, and I like it because it’s preparing gets stressful building up to it, but it’s also a really great opportunity to get to know new people. I’ve definitely found new people through this show, which is great. And being able to have these roles and put these on resumes when you’re older. I find it very fun- just the whole process and seeing it be able to come together is amazing. 

CHLOE: How do you maintain a positive attitude when you’re preparing to perform? 

KYLIE: I say I just kinda think to myself “it’ll all work out” just try your best in everything that you do. Try your best to stay positive not only for yourself but for other people around you because I feel like a big thing is the environment of a show and having that positive environment with people is great. So, I’d say just trying to keep that mindset of not only if I keep a positive attitude is it good for me and preparing myself, but it’s also good for other people because I know that other people are also enjoying themselves and it helps others around you too. 

CHLOE: Are there any other details about the show that are interesting? 

KYLIE: It’s very exciting. It is very action and adventure like. It’s a very adventurous show and if you guys are very interested in that, it’s a very good show to watch. I think it has a lot of different aspects that everyone likes in it. It has some action-packed scenes, it has some dramatic aspects to it, so I think it’s a great show for anyone to come see because it’s a very wide variety of things that happen during the show. 

CHLOE: Thank you so much! 

KYLIE: Of course!