Welcome to France

Being the President of French club, Bella Valentino works to educate her peers about the French culture and creates activities and ideas to keep others learning and engaged. 

Alexa Aleman and Madison Purcell

The President of French club at North Port Highschool is Bella Valentino. She, alongside the other officers and members, supports this club. She works to give students the opportunity to both embrace and learn about France and the peoples’ lifestyle. In each meeting, she introduces new activities that correlate with things about France. Activities like cooking traditional foods and watching classic movies, can help us welcome the French culture. The meeting is to be held in Room 8-217 at NPHS. These meetings occur every Thursday. The purpose that Bella, Madam M’Bark, and the officers of French club pursue is to simply help others grow a love for French culture. 

Bella first began attending French Club in 2021, her freshman year of Highschool. French club was founded by Madam M’Bark and Madam Williamson, current North Port High School French teachers. There are now 7 members in French club, including myself, as of the first meeting on September 22, 2022. Bella is now in her sophomore year of high school and volunteered to be the President of the French Club in 2022 and is currently participating in that role. She has many responsibilities as president when it comes to planning and organizing what students will learn in the next meeting. She creates PowerPoints full of information for students to learn at every meeting. On the other hand, there is some controversy when it comes to the maintenance of such a club. “It can be stressful at times, knowing I have much to do to be able to share with my fellow members in order to ensure they are learning about the French culture” (Valentino).  

Bella Valentino’s assessment of the French club would be that it offers amazing and not to mention important opportunities for students to get to learn more about the French culture in depth. Students can make food and watch films that correlate with the lives of that of the French and get to experience something invaluable as many members, including herself, had joined to learn for specific purposes. This prepares them for what is to come if they have France in mind for their future. French club is an organization with an exceptional reputation, attracting those that want to embrace that of French culture. Bella is determined to ensure that, alongside her fellow officers, they can educate and share things about French. Their hope is to get more students to join French club. Finally, Bella vows to continue to teach and create activities for her classmates.