The True Interviews

Gabriel Kirkpatrick


What are your interests? 

“Umm movies–like Star Wars…and marvel” 

Any particular movies your favorite? 

“Star Wars Revenge of the Sith” 

Any other interests? 


What is the club’s agenda? 

“To advocate for gay people” 

What are the benefits of this club? 

“It lets you hang out with other gay people” 

What made you want to join the club? 

“It’s for gay people…and I’m gay-so” 

How has the club affected you? 

“I don’t know” 

What role do you take in this club? 

“I go there, I don’t know” 

What have you experienced in this club so far? 

“I met nice people” 

What’s your favorite moment so far that’s happened? 

“Eating the snacks-I like food” 



What are your interests? 

Drawing, biking, I like BTS yeah…, I like rainy days, ROBLOX” 

What’s your favorite music, food, season, color and why? 

Pop music, tallarines verdes, winter, brown—Idk why I just do” 

What’s the club’s agenda? 

“I don’t know what the club’s agenda is” 

What are the benefits of this club? 

“I don’t know the benefits; don’t you get like a cord?” 

What made you join the club? 

I don`t know 😭” 

How has the club affected you? 

“I don’t know -I really like doing the arts and crafts—And also snacks” 

What role do you have in this club? 

“I don’t know what my role is, I just go” 

What have you experienced in the club so far? 

“I don’t know what I’ve experienced, I just ate snacks and did bracelets” 

Any favorite memories? (any from this or last year) 

“Favorite memory… someone called me pretty 🤩 I don’t know”