Formal Greetings Inductees!


Jayda Williams

New inductees walking up the stage being officiated.

Geneve Fredette

As we come back from Thanksgiving break, the National Honors Society had planned an event for the newly selected members on November 28, 2022. This event was the Induction Ceremony, to invite the new members into an honorable club and congratulate them on getting to where they are.  

The event started at 6:40 with students and parents waiting in the PAC lobby to be seated. As the parents sat on the left side of the PAC, the inductees got assigned seats on the right side. The students also wore all black as part of the formality as for the existing members such as the president, Sabrina Schmitt, they wore red. Along with the members, the advisor for the club and alumni, Mrs. Stoutjesdyk, and principal, Mrs. Fusco, was also there. Mrs. Stoutjesdyk began the ceremony by introducing herself and making the pledge of allegiance. After, she and Mrs. Fusco continue to open the ceremony, highlighting the importance of the National Honors Society and soon begin to introduce the existing members sitting on the stage.  

Each 5 members came up one by one to stating the pillars of membership and lighting a candle as the sit back down. As they spoke about each pillar, for instance ‘character’, they spoke how the new inductees representing this society are or must reach standards of “the student of good character is cooperative” and “demonstrate high standards of honesty and reliability” along with other descriptions for this example pillar. As they conclude the members speaking about each pillar of membership, Mrs. Stoutjesdyk comes back to the podium to allow the inductees to raise their right hand and make a pledge to officially induct them into the society. 

As the pledge finishes, the new members come up to the state one by one to receive a gold pin, showing the National Honor Society logo along with receiving a certificate of congratulations. As many came up and sat back down, the ceremony soon ended with the announcement of cake and punch in the PAC lobby. The event overall was special, making you feel like you’re special to be accepted into this club. The ceremony, although short, gave a lot of information about what the club was and how honorable it is to be accepted; and as the new members get accepted, they’re able to finally become present at meetings, such as the meeting held on December 7, 2022. 


Sabrina Schmitt (23′), SGA President and NHS president, reading a speech addressing the new members during the induction.

NHS officers clapping at the arrival of the new inductees.